Lisuto Version 2.10

  1. Listing title for all marketplaces can be edited and translated easily (3345)
    1. For any item in the inventory, listing titles can be adjusted for all connected marketplaces easily on the new modal.
    2. New modal can be opened from Inventory and from Manage Listing screens.
    3. Listing titles for all marketplaces can be translated manually or with automatic translation.
    4. One of the titles can be selected as a reference for translation – source for automatic translation.
  2. Additional text can be added to listing title per marketplace settings – listing profile (3438)
    1. Additional word or phrase (any text of choice) can be added on the listing profile screen.
    2. User can decide if the additional text is appended at the beginning of the listing title or added at the end.
    3. Nota bene, marketplace’s limitations for number of characters available for listing title still apply as before.
  3. Refinements, updates and bug fixes.
    1. Default listing templates for eBay marketplaces have been updated to use our latest templates with images inside listing description by default (for all newly created settings). (3429)
    2. Support for New Marketplace Directory IDs was added for Yahoo Shopping. (3379)
    3. Issue with bulk listing of item added before target marketplace was connected was resolved (3447)
    4. Issue with languages in feed uploader was resolved (3413)
    5. Confirmation messages for listing and updating listing have been expanded to include warning about editing listed items directly in the marketplace. (3462)
    6. Issue with inventory filtering was resolved. (3463)
    7. Issue with orders on Globazone was resolved (3470)
    8. Terms of service and privacy policy was updated (3478)
  4. New categories below have been released in the following languages:
    English, Japanese, German and some in Korean:

    1. Ear Care
    2. Feminine Care
    3. Flashlights & Lights
    4. Hoops & Rims
    5. Mouse Pads
    6. Oil Blotting Paper
    7. Ski & Snowboard Boots
    8. Treadmills