Lisuto Version 2.11

  1. Listing engine server infrastructure scale-up and grade-up
    1. Server infrastructure of our listing engines was scaled up to allow faster listing for Lisuto’s users and reduce delays for large bulk listing requests. Our new resilient and easily scalable architecture comes as a timely response to growing number of merchants. (3218, 3322, 3359,3464, 3465, 3466, 3467)
  2. Zooming images
    1. Images can be magnified now to see details on the large resolution photos. (3294)
  3. Refinements, updates and bug fixes.
    1. Marketplace settings for eBay were re-factored to allow full support of all new features and options in the future. Visual layout of the settings changed in the process, but functionality remains in parity with previous version. (3431)
    2. Marketplace directory tree for Rakuten was updated to reflect latest changes deployed by Rakuten at 11/14. (3526)
    3. Marketplace directory tree for was updated on Lisuto’s manual category selection modal. (3496)
    4. Feed processing can be cancelled to clear the content processing queue. (3112)
    5. Activation e-mail can now be re-sent on user’s request. (3482)
    6. Lisuto will now store the referral code for the new user sign-up (3401)
    7. Issue with feed importer always populating seller’s comment with item’s description was resolved. (3411)
    8. Issue with listing description format. selection being reset was resolved. (3424)
    9. Issue with bulk listing 500 products at the same time was resolved. (3481)
    10. Issue with listing description after price re-calculation triggered by Lisuto CSV was resolved. (3528)
    11. Issue with listing status after price re-calculation triggered by Lisuto CSV was resolved. (3548)
    12. Issue with removing a Listing Profile that is assigned to a mallSetting was resolved. (1944)
    13. Issue with incorrect data displayed on the bulk action confirmation modal was resolved. (3367)
    14. Issue with unresolved stuck tickets was resolved. (3513)
    15. Issue with connected marketplaces being not displayed in some rare cases was resolved. (3471)
    16. Issue with status checker was resolved. (3490)
    17. Issue with logging levels was resolved. (3505)
    18. Issue with Japanese language label on the bulk actions menu was resolved. (3245)
    19. Issue with web app translations not loading in certain rare situations was resolved. (3440)
    20. Issue with text label on the catalogue search screen was resolved. (3287)
    21. Issue with token renewal prompt not disappearing after log out was resolved. (3096)
  4. New categories below have been released in the following languages:
    English, Japanese, German and some in Korean:

    1. Beds
    2. Diecast Models & Cars
    3. eBook Readers
    4. Guitar Effects
    5. Guitars & Basses
    6. Movies
    7. Plush Toys
    8. Recorders
    9. Vitamins & Minerals