Lisuto Version 2.12

  1. Marketplace Settings update
    1. Marketplace settings for,, Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo Shopping had the interface updated. New updated settings will allow adding many desired functionalities in the near future. (3388, 3389, 3390, 3393, 3394)
    2. Marketplace templates used at Rakuten Ichiba can be configured in the Marketplace Settings. (3196)
  2. User Interface improvements
    1. Product Edit screen can be accessed directly from Inventory if user is allowed to edit the product. (Product needs to be in user’s catalog to user this feature). (3523)
    2. Search on the Orders screen was re-factored allow speedy search even for users with thousands of orders. (3556)
  3. Seller Feed improvements
    1. Lisuto supports seller feeds from and now. (3098)
  4. Refinements, updates and bug fixes.
    1. Purchase price can be now updated by using Lisuto CSV importer (3574)
    2. Problem with token renewal process for Yahoo Shopping was resolved. (3597)
    3. Problem with adding sub-accounts was resolved. (3589)
    4. Problem with listing description after price recalculation via CSV was resolved. (3528)
    5. Problem with Good Till Cancelled listings on eBay was resolved (3538)
    6. Problem with timezone for orders from Globazone was resolved (3588)
    7. Adjustments and maintenance work necessary afer recent update on Rakuten Ichiba from 12/11 were made. (3580)
    8. Adjustments were made for product name displayed on Globazone, so it can be manually adjusted and edited from the Inventory screen now. (3547)
    9. Adjustments were made to drop-down used for marketplace selection. (3472)