Lisuto Version 2.13

New functionalities:
  1. [LS-3297] – Filtering the content of the Orders page
  2. [LS-3569] – Export CSV with Orders based on the filtering
  3. [LS-3509] – Update the Item Title on demand from the Inventory
Issues fixed:
  1. [LS-1058] – Validation on ‘Shipping Fee or Service URL’ field in Yahoo Auctions Business Listing Profile settings has been fixed
  2. [LS-2923] – Pressing enter with cursor in a text field does not add a text field for serial number anymore
  3. [LS-3483] – Revising price through Feed Uploader is being considered as a revision for creating tickets through Bulk Revise action now
  4. [LS-3501] – It is now possible to delete each of the shipping services separately in eBay Listing Profile
  5. [LS-3543] – User is now not be able to close Manage Photos modal while changes are being saved
  6. [LS-3563] – Extended area of check-boxes to improve usability
  7. [LS-3615] – Yahoo Auction Business Listing Profile: Shipping Fee or Service URL parameter is not being duplicated anymore
  8. [LS-3616] – Fixed text overlap on Orders screen in Japanese language
  9. [LS-3623] – Listings should not be throttled while listing in bulk to Amazon marketplace
  10. [LS-3620] – Errors in processing feed rows are now being shown on Reports screen… and more minor fixes and optimizations.