Lisuto Version 2.14

New functionalities:
  1. [LS-3321] – Globazone listing robot was updated – improved listing performance, fixed issues with status desynchronization
  2. [LS-3573] – Number of characters available for listing title in each of the marketplaces is now shown on┬áListing Title Translation Modal
  3. [LS-3472] – When a new marketplace is added, it can be now picked from drop-down list
  4. [LS-3433] – User’s language is now automatically detected on maintenance page
  5. [LS-3618] – Directory ID Tree was updated for Rakuten
  6. [LS-3302] – Marketplace connection can now be skipped during on-boarding on a newly created account
Issues fixed:
  1. [LS-3514] – Header in Mall Setting displays correct information regarding marketplace now

and more minor issue fixes.