Lisuto Version 2.15

New functionalities:
  1. [LS-3680] – Update improving general security of the application
  2. [LS-3575] – Category names are now displayed per each marketplace on Manage Listing screen
  3. [LS-3627] – Yahoo Auctions Business support was removed (2.14.1)
  4. [LS-3638] – Yahoo Shopping categories were updated (2.14.1)
  5. [LS-3639] – Pre-listing verification of given SKU to avoid double-listings on eBay(2.14.1)
  6. [LS-3643] – Adjustments related to AWS maintenance (2.14.1)
Issues fixed:
  1. [LS-3637] – Drop-down icon (▼) is being displayed on a wrong layer of user interface across the application
  2. [LS-3648] – Updated category is not displayed on the Manage Listing Screen,  even after settings are refreshed
  3. [LS-3670] – Globazone – when Recommended Price is lower than Listing Price, item is listed with Recommended Price
  4. [LS-3673] – Duplicate orders are being displayed on order screen when two products are bought under one Order
  5. [LS-3677] –  The listing URL is not being created correctly when the feed is uploaded with items as previously listed on a marketplace
  6. [LS-3650] – Items are shown as successfully listed in Lisuto despite failing to list on Globazone (2.14.1)

and more minor issue fixes.